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Free Pdf: Harmonic Scale Patterns in all fretboard areas


today I'd like to give away a free excerpt from my new incoming ebook, "Scales Over Chords"

In the pdf, you'll find many patterns for playing the Harmonic Scale, with root on 6th, 5th and 4th string, and with different starting fingers (index, middle, medium and pinkie).

In this way, you'll see (and learn) clearly how the different patterns connect along all the fretboard.

And now the juiciest part: the ebook will contain also a section that will show what scales play well over a given chord.

If you ever asked yourself what scale to use on a chord, you'll find many answers in Scales Over Chord.

This free excerpt shows you this information for 10 chord types, while the whole ebook will suggest the scales for 44 chord types

Get the Harmonic Scale Pdf Here

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