Scales Over Chords | Learn How To Play The Right Scales Over Any Chord

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Scales Over Chords | Learn How To Play The Right Scales Over Any Chord

FaChords Guitar
4 ratings

This ebook will teach how to play guitar scales across all the fretboard.

You will find 30 scale types, with color-coded diagrams, for 1 and 2 octaves patterns in different fingering configurations.

Also, in the ebook, you'll find 44 tables that will show you the scales that best match any kind of chord.

Learn Guitar Scales All Over The Fretboard

Knowing how to play a scale with different patterns you'll give incredible freedom on the fretboard; you'll be able to connect shapes all along the neck and will help you break the "4-frets-box" cage.

Learn Which Scales Should You Play Over A Given Chord

The ebook will provide an answer to the most common doubts of lead guitar players. For each chord type, you'll find the scales that better fit with it.

This will help unleash your creativity and generate new ideas for your solos and melodic lines.

Bonus: Free Instant Access to FaChords Guitar Interactive Software

As a free bonus, you'll get lifetime free access to FaChords Guitar Interactive Learning Software, a suite of tools developed to help you learn the fretboard, scales, chords, ear training and much more.

7-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked

For more info please email: band@fachords.com

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What FaChords Guitar Users Say

Joe DeLuca: Straightforward and practical instruction with a good vibe. Thank you for this fabulous resource which is obviously a labor of love for the guitar, technology, and teaching.

Jess Yates: I am not going to lie I have a few other places I go online for guitar theory but truthfully FaChords is the most professional and comprehensive. If I had to have only one place to work on my understanding of the fret board and music theory this is THE ONE.

Robin Button: FAChords website along with the purchased reference materials is a must regardless of what stage you are at in your guitar journey. Highly recommended.

Sonny Sachdeva: This is the most comprehensive website for a beginning/intermediate guitarist. I’ve been noodling around with a guitar for decades and this site was the ‘magic decoder’ ring to help bridge my nascent knowledge of music theory and actual playing. I’m beginning to understand why things sound good and how things resolve. Like learning a foreign language, the light began to flicker and I don’t find intimidated by the sonic math behind chord structures. A side benefit - if I can pick it out on a keyboard, I can now pick up a guitar or bass and play along with many songs. Thank you for giving me the gift of wanting to spend more time with my guitar every day.

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A downloadable pdf with color-coded guitar scale diagrams across all the neck, and 44 tables with suggested scales for each chord type. 7 day money-back guarantee. Also available in left-handed version. For info please email: band@fachords.com

200 pages
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